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Transitive Materials

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Sajid Sadi and Marcelo Coelho, with Pattie Maes, Joanna Berzowska, Leah Buechley, Neri Oxman, Ivan Poupyrev, Roel Vertegaal

Transitive Materials is an umbrella project encompassing novel materials, fabrication technologies, and traditional craft techniques which can operate in unison to create objects and spaces that realize truly omnipresent interactivity. We are developing interactive textiles, ubiquitous displays, and responsive spaces that seamlessly couple input, output, processing, communication, and power distribution, while preserving the uniqueness and emotional value of physical materials and traditional craft.

The transitive materials effort began as a collaborative workshop among a number of interested individuals, and has since grown to encompass additional topics and ideas. You can find out more about it at


The trainsitive materials effort originally began with intertests in the following topics:

  • Relationship between membrane and structure in design and computer science
  • Value and role of craft, collaborative development, and community knowledge
  • Applications that span multiple fields and can act as seeds for collaboration
  • Interface standards: Feasibility, needs, requirements, and applicability
  • Personalization of ubiquitous material interfaces
  • End­–user customization of the massively–interactive environment
  • Long-term scenarios for ubiquitous applications built on transitive materials
  • Needs served and possibilities exposed by transitive materials
  • Effect of smart materials on design and affordance
  • Rules of thumb for interaction design using transitive materials
  • Sustainability issues exposed by the use of smart materials

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