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Released October 13th, 2009 under | Leave a response | Trackback | Comments feed
Sajid Sadi and Doug Fritz in collaboration with Eben Kunz and Melody Kuna

JotWatch is a device designed with the singular purpose of easing quick note taking on the go.

As our days fill with the deluge of microtasks and information fragments that modern life entails, every one of us has had occasions when we wanted to take a quick note, or remember something, or jot down a moment of inspiration. Yet, the task of digitally recording this thought faces enough steps, waits, and changes of context scatter fleeting thoughts and discourage note-taking. The JotWatch is a simple device in a wristwatch form factor that attacks this problem with always-on, fast note-taking ability along with navigation features that allow users to make the most of limited physical real estate.

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