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Digikey Enhancements

Released June 28th, 2007 under | Leave a response | Trackback | Comments feed

Digikey Enhancements are a set of enhancements made to that makes shopping there a bit more pleasurable. It’s packaged as a Greasemonkey, a Firefox plug-in that allows the user to execute arbitrary Javascript in the context of a web page or site. To use it, get yourself Firefox and Greasemonkey, then click on the link to view the script.

Note: This is an overlay script, so things may break if Digikey’s layout changes drastically. In that case, disable the script if it’s really bad from Tools|Greasemonkey|Mange User Scripts… .

I am amenable to adding more functionality if you ask nicely.


As of 2007.07.13

  • Fixed for changes to Digikey interface
  • In stock/ROHS/etc options are folded to one line to improve space

As of 2007.06.30

  • These update ideas come from Dave M
  • To access these functions, right click the Greasemonkey taskbar icon, and look under User Script Commands
  • Ability to reduce layout size
  • Ability to move price to the 4th column

As of 2007.06.28

  • Catalog link on first page goes to a category listing of items in stock
  • All search boxes (top of page and front page) that didn’t have a “in stock only” check box now have them
  • Adds ability to sort by price. The sorting is smart, and will take into account the cost as the minimum number you have to buy to get a price. This will generally move the spools of 5000 to the bottom. Only sorts the current page, lowest first (since I don’t think anyone is dying to pay the highest price possible).
  • Generally, use of better font.
  • Non-underlined links and fewer table border for a cleaner look
  • Zebra striped tables with colored header and mouse tracking
  • The manufacturer’s part number now links to the datasheet page in any, so you don’t have to mouse over and click the tiny link. As a bonus, things without links in that column do not have a datasheet, and it’s pretty obvious.


  • Make sure your Firefox is recent (before 1.5 is ancient at this point)
  • Make sure you have Greasemonkey, and that’s recent
  • Click on the download link
  • Greasemonkey will pop up a dialog asking to install or view. You’re welcome to do either.


Digikey Enhancements


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  1. Ben

    I’m a big fan of your plug-in, but Digi-Key recently revamped their website and the multipage loading feature no longer works. This results in Sort By Price being rendered non functional and pages being displayed incorrectly. Did you have any plans of updating your plug-in?

    Aug 24, 2009 @ 10:18 am