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In “The Search”

A little power…

Recently Karen pointed out on a mailing list a panel taking place at CHI 2009: “Growing Up Programming.” One of the panelist there had argued that our attempts to make things more accessible (especially the ability to make) had resulted in trivialization or devaluation of the practice. The panelist’s arguments were, from all accounts, not […]

Only forward…

“Life is backwards.” That is how a recent conversation started. Perhaps life is backwards. Perhaps the universe itself is. But one thing is certain: we plow the uncharted waters of both. We cannot know the beginning or the ending, and as such, perhaps the concept of backwardness is itself strange. However, we still have choice, […]

Polar Opposites?

“Giving” and “taking”… these are words with interesting layers of meaning. They are somehow like “good” and “evil”: words charged with meanings beyond their lexical definitions, except insofar as they are thankfully uncharged by the undertones of religion, which makes clear discussion of the latter pair nearly impossible. One must wonder, though, if they are […]


Perspective is a terrible mistress. Until you have it, you don’t know what it is. Once you have it, you can’t not have it. No matter how much you want to not have it. It’s like having the eyelids removed… like seeing a car crash in front of your eyes: you want to look away, […]

The Nirvana of Thoughts

Continued from a previous post… Coding Nirvana At the end of the last post, I spoke of the parallels between all acts of thought and creativity. However, to start off, let’s just go back to programming for a bit. In that context, looking at many people, many projects, many failures, I feel fairly confident in […]

Coding Nirvana

I have come to realize that there are basically three stages in things that require thinking, repeated continuously. It’s like the Buddhist eternal cycle. It begins anew with every new skill, and if one does not bother to build upon the previous experience and attempt to acheive the next level of coding existence, the only […]

Walking the razor’s edge…

I was talking to a friend of mine about starting this blog. He said something interesting. He said he didn’t like to write in a blog because he liked to keep his thoughts to himself. That got me thinking about this entry. For me, writing in this blog is like walking on a razor. Thoughts […]

The Blog and the Belief

Today I had the opportunity to head Meg Houlihan, the food blogger, talk about what she did. As I listened to her, I realized that the best and smartest people on the planet are basically fighting the same fight with themselves.