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I am currently Tech Lead at the Think Tank Team, a group of people interested in doing great work, having strong impact, and having fun while doing it. We are part of Samsung Research America, and located in Silicon Valley, which I now call home. Within the Think Tank Team, I build hardware and software prototypes, and coordinate product development. My job is to do what it takes to kick projects out the door.

Before joining TTT, I was chief architect at, which was acquired by Barnes & Noble. My work at Tikatok focused on bringing the power of complex print layout software to children and parents, and allowing them to tell stories and become authors in a freeform yet scaffolded way. We created and launched an online WYSIWYG editing platform before Google Docs was in beta, and supplemented it with scaffolding that made storytelling both educational and entertaining. The site and technology is now being used by Pearson Education to teach Social Studies to millions on children across the US. For Barnes & Noble, I worked with the NOOK team to propose and drive the recommendation-driven, multi-profile UI that was released in 2011.

I hold a MS and PhD from the MIT Media Lab. My doctoral research focuses on objects that help people think about their actions and change their behavior based on subtle, ambient nudges delivered at the moment of action. I have worked with companies like Proctor & Gamble, Hallmark, Bank of America, and many others. Before joining the Media Lab, I was involved in research into augmented and virtual reality at Columbia University, as well as validation and analysis techniques for functional near-infrared imaging at the University of Pennsylvania. I use my background is in computer science, extensive experience in electrical engineering, and longtime interest in human behavior to fuel both my research and work.

I find constancy of perspective tedious, so I have taught myself to walk in lots of different shoes. Whether it’s looking at an engineering problem like a designer, or design problem like a marketer, or an marketing problem like a behavioral scientist, I like being able to step to a different side of the table. This reflects in my work, and my work reflects in me. I aspire to being a polymath, and my work is my hobby.

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  1. Ankur saxena

    hey Sajid,
    I read about your project : Done: Reflective Personal Project Management while going through fluid-interfaces’s groups webpage on But i couldn’t find any more info about it anywhere. Is it just in its idea phase. I am just asking because i was curious as i am working on something like that in as my final yr project.
    i liked fluid interfaces’s work a lot. Great projects 🙂


    Jul 30, 2009 @ 10:05 pm