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The Blog and the Belief

Today I had the opportunity to head Meg Houlihan, the food blogger, talk about what she did. As I listened to her, I realized that the best and smartest people on the planet are basically fighting the same fight with themselves.

They all see the truth of the world, and they see that things are screwed up. On the other hand, they deeply and truly believe that their intellect should allow them to see an out — some gap, some opening in the dense fog that is reality — that would allow us all to escape to some better world beyond. Meg said something funnily (at least to me) self-conscious: “I am much more of a libertarian than I sound like right now.” I think I have to agree. Perhaps it’s far beyond libertarianism. Perhaps it’s even beyond idealism, approaching outright utopianism. This is the belief of the people who see the world as it is, and the only space for sanity to prevail in the face of the burgeoning truth of what we have become to ourselves. Sort of sad, but still… sort of inspiring.