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Naming a website…

Naming a website is one of those problems that has slowly complicated itself to near-impossibility. Sadly, I realize that I am old enough to be from the last generation that recalls computers not being connected to the internet. Now, of course, is owned by Verisign, the Russian mafia, or some random dude with a business degree, a not-so-useful idea, and dreams of riches. Regardless, the quest for a meaninful name continues, and I thought it might be nice to chronicle one such quest.

Ranting aside, naming thing is difficult. After all, what is a name? How does a name come to be? A name are not simply about ontology. Nor is a name merely folksonomical. A name doesn’t define. That is the purspose of the exposition that surrounds the name. A name does, however, suggest. Like good fashion, it does not revel, but hints coyly at thoughts, definitions, and feelings. Like a portrait, it doesn’t show the sum of its colors alone. That’s probably why it’s so hard to name anything.

So what does Conscious Anima mean? Why that name, and that subtitle? Well, a while back, John Maeda held a little get-together to define “simplicity.” Needless to say, that didn’t play out so simply. Nonetheless, it did remind me of one of the uses of words: sometime, we speak in not to communicate, but to introspect. In Jungian psychology, the anima is the inward-looking, unconscious self (as opposed to persona, the outward communicative self). More romantically, it may be called the soul. The anima imprints the persona. As such, over time, examination of the persona may allow insight into the anima. The words on these pages exist to communicate, but they also exist to record inward-looking bits that hide in the outward expression in order to form the consciously-legible form of that which does not speak.

So welcome to my thoughts, and if you see that elusive anima, report it immediately…